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Generative Architecture Platform

Generative Architecture Platform

Team info

Robbe Nagel


We are looking for new team members with the following skills

Architect(s) who can translate the architectural process into a rule-based guide. Computer scientist(s) who can translate the rule-based architecture guide into design algorithms and/or who can integrate this technology into an online platform. Industrial engineer(s) who can network with stakeholders to build partnerships and/or who can build the company around the concept. Industrial designer(s) who can participate in further developing the concept and/or who can design the visual elements of the online platform. We are looking for team members who believe in the vision of this project and can figure out how to execute that vision from the perspective of their field of expertise. They can cope with the expected dedication and time once the project will kick-off. They can broaden their share of contribution to the project in aspects that do not fall directly under their assigned role. And of course, they get fun out of working on this challenge with other people. Lastly, they are prepared and willing to join despite knowing that there is a high risk of failure (because they believe they can work towards the high reward of success).

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The challenge 

In today's time, it can take years and up to a decade to realize a building project. This is due to extensive work, many stakeholders who have to agree with each other, and a lack of direct oversight of the project. In the meantime, populations and cities around the world are growing and progressing. The slow built environment (has) become(s) a roadblock for this progress. Lastly, the built environment comes with unnecessarily high costs and pollution, contributing to the dramatic housing market and environmental change.

The solution

A platform that offers the technology of generative architecture, architecture designed by computers, to the masses. Its goal is to make the realization of buildings more affordable, less time consuming and less polluting by using computer intelligence and a tight network of partnerships between stakeholders. An easily accessible platform that pushes the built environment forward into the future by allowing homeowners, companies and governments to realize their buildings in months instead of years, for a significantly lower price and with an equal if not better quality of design and construction.


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