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Merging Digital and Real-World Space

Merging Digital and Real-World Space

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Arjo Nagelhout
Diya Samit


We are looking for new team members with the following skills

I am looking for people who are interested in this topic and want to help with designing, creating and producing this vision. People who are skilled with creating movies, 3D renderings, 3D modelling, design, augmented reality, programming are all very much welcome :) The most important important part is having a passion for making and wanting to learn new software and techniques.

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The challenge 

Current usage of augmented reality is limited by the inaccessibility, individualistic nature and scatteredness of the medium. People are required to download separate applications for each experience, or access specific websites. AR experiences are device-specific and mostly an individual experience. Furthermore, AR experiences are not coupled to a location, which limits their discoverability and relevance to their physical surroundings. These factors make the application of AR in tourism, education, museums, architecture and more currently not attractive.

The solution

We propose an AR world where people can share and enjoy a wide variety of AR experiences. These are linked to specific physical locations and are accessible from many AR capable devices, from smartphones to head-mounted devices (HMDs). AR experiences are moderated, prioritised and dynamically loaded, while taking performance and network usage into account. Our system embraces existing solutions, instead of competing with them. AR experiences can thus be added from existing libraries and with common formats. This will allow for people to fill up the world with their own imagination.


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