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Climars Hero

Climars Hero

Team info

Shanna de Lang
Bojana Zoranovic


The challenge 

People want to change and do ‘their little part’ when it comes to environmental change. People want to decrease their ecological footprint. However, there is a lot of confusion around this topic and a lack of transparency in the eco-footprint of their actions. There should be a tool that guides people in the right direction and provides feedback related to personal actions.

The solution

Where current apps do not stimulate to dispose of unsustainable habits, Climars does. The Climars app will be your guide and buddy on your way to a sustainable lifestyle. With the app, you can participate in a 21-day long challenge around a certain topic. Users become part of the large online community with people who, like you, want to learn sustainable habits. This can be as simple as reusing bottles, or more advanced, like secondhand shopping. While you are reporting your action, the app calculates the impact of your changes. In the end, you can collect your reward in town!



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