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Printec Bites

Printec Bites

Team info

Margarita Kuzina
Luuk van Duin
Demi Jansen
Jason Heinrichs


We are looking for new team members with the following skills

People passionate about food, technology and the future. We are looking for people with chemistry, business and mechanical/electrical engineering backgrounds

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The challenge 

The project is targeting customers with specific nutrition requirements, such as athletes, astronauts, soldiers, or people aiming to achieve better physical performance. The food intake can directly influence physical performance, which in some moments can be crucial. Moreover, due to recent actions against climate change, the amount of CO2 produces needs to be reduced. Insects are considered to be one of the most sustainable protein sources (less carbon footprint compared to other animal protein sources) and it is well digested by the human body. The slow introduction of the new protein into people’s diets in an unrecognizable shape (bar), can lead to a better acceptance of the insects as a food source.

The solution

Our solution is Printec Bites. The bar is made from an sustainable alternative protein source- insects and fully personalized to one's needs and preferences. Insects (mealworms) which are separated into fat and proteins (the nutrients mealworms are rich in) are used. These fractions are used to create protein-rich and fat-rich pastes which are used to 3D print edible bars with personalized nutritional value. We have been developing an algorithm, which will allow the customer to change the bar based on his/her needed nutritional value, preferred flavour and texture (soft, crunchy etc).



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