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Team info

Tamoor Ali
Farhan Farrukh


The challenge 

According to IEA Report, Electric Vehicle Sales across the world would reach to 44 million/year by 2030 following an increase in the number of private EV chargers. According to the Dutch Energy Agreement, there is an estimate of around 9.5 million EVs only in the Netherlands by 2050 compared to 200,000 today. This gives rise to two main challenges: 1) How to provide a hassle-free charging service to millions of new EV owners? 2) What to do with under-utilized and un-monetized private charging stations?

The solution

Think of ChargeBnB as an Airbnb for electric vehicles and private chargers because we connect Electric Vehicles and Private Charging Stations on a user-friendly app and web-based platform. We are match-makers of electric vehicle owners with private charger owners and we also put the private chargers on the map and enable their monetization.



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