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Learning, developing and networking: the speed dates


Speed ​​dates TU/e Contest


On 8 May 2019 it was quite busy in the Kennispoort on the campus of the Technical University Eindhoven. After a long period of recruitment, 104 projects were registered on the website of the TU/e Contest. After an initial selection, 40 student groups were invited to go to the speed dates with their ideas. Today was that day. The chance to get feedback from every conceivable angle. For example, what about patent applications? And how do you market a product properly? 35 companies were present and took care of all possible subjects. In 15 minutes, the groups had the opportunity to discuss their product with professionals. This event was also ideal for networking and career opportunities.


Before the speed dating could start, a plenary session took place. Isabelle Reymen (Scientific Director TU/e Innovation Space) took the audience through the developments within the Innovation Space on the university campus. Then Lino Thewissen (project manager TU/e Contest) talked about the day program and all participating companies present. This year again there are companies that can offer expertise in every area. Everyone had his introduction and the event could start!


Students walked from table to table according to a strict schedule. The gong was struck every 15 minutes: time for the next round!

But how do the companies experience such a speed date? Derek Young from Medtronic is pleased that there has already been intensive contact with the students in advance via an online chat. A number of students have even visited the company for this event for extra help. Rene Luijkx from Pezy Group finds the students very enthusiastic. ASM fully agrees with this. They like being able to provide feedback on different levels.

Pablo González Soto of PwC wants to help the students with their project as well as possible: it takes a lot of energy. He describes the day as "intense, but fun".

Marianne IJff of KLM wants to encourage the students to think more broadly. Think bigger! Remco Snelders from Bol.com is also happy to provide them with feedback on all different kind of fronts.

The students themselves are also very positive about the event. Ivo Leon from Rehab Buddy believes that the different perspectives of companies bring them to many new insights: the speed dates are found very valuable. Pius Bentgens from Team Red enthusiastically tells about the experience and knowledge of the companies and how much this contributes to his project. The speed dates are also seen as a good way to learn how to pitch a project, according to group members of How To Dutch.


Finally, a festive networking drink took place. This was the ideal time to discuss the projects loosely while enjoying a beer. The students know what they are talking about: they are confident and proud of their project. The drink is a positive extension of the speed dates and a nice end to the day. This was a very successful event for both parties.