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The Finalists of TU/e Contest 2020!


We bet you have already been wondering who the finalists of the TU/e Contest will be! Which teams will be pitching their idea during the Virtual Grand Finale on the 9th of June? Who is still in the running to win €5.000,-? 

After looking at the students’ profiles thoroughly and taking your votes and feedback of the speed dates into account we have decided on the Top 20 Teams of the TU/e Contest 2020.



  • VeVi

  • Co-driver

  • ChargeBnB

  • TEST

  • UnionAI

  • Generative Architecture Platform

  • GOAL 3

  • Speeco

  • Climars Hero

  • PREA

  • KEBL

  • Printec Bites

  • Accelerating Global Wind Energy Transition

  • Memento Mori

Student Team
  • A Place for Now

  • SyFly

  • Nurdle Soup

  • Falcon 

  • FruitPunch AI

Have a look at their profiles here: www.tuecontest.nl/candiates

These teams will be pitching their ideas in front of a jury and audience during the Virtual Grand Finale on the 9th of June! Although this year's Grand Finale won't be as usual, we have been busy developing an event that will be just as thrilling and interactive as in the previous years. 

More information about the Virtual Grand Finale will be available soon.