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Chris Tomassen


We are looking for new team members with the following skills

*A communicative scripter that knows his stuff *A 3D modeler with a hands-on approach For those seriously interested, I created a landingspage in cooperation with the involved stakeholder to filter talent: https://challenge.electude.com/

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The challenge 

Educational publishers are known to be conservative in their approach to innovate their products. Simultaneously, human awareness of science is expanding rapidly. Education shouldn't limit this development, education should promote it. To close the knowledge gap between recent knowledge and books from the curriculum, motivated teachers need to go the extra mile. However, such tacid knowledge gets lost after the lecture has ended, only interested students will remember... these 'Teaching Best Practices' surely won't end up as valuable new content in books. Wouldn't it be relevant to integrate the 'interested student perspective' and the 'passionate teacher perspective' in the lectures of the future?

The solution

Instead of static slides, the ELECTUDE platform contains interactive sandbox-environments so students can learn by experimentation and simulation of the subjects (eLECTURE). Based on current subject-related inefficiencies (received from students and teachers), interactive knowledge transfers can be developed on the ELECTUDE platform. These learning-sandboxes are assisted by micro-lectures from (multiple) teachers, students pick their favorite instructor (elecTUNE). Theoretical or developer contributions are rewarded. Students earn by sharing problems/summaries on the platform. Teachers add didactic experience and improve insight in student problems. ELECTUDE, electrifying attitudes towards learning.


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