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FruitPunch AI

FruitPunch AI

Team info

Buster Franken


We are looking for new team members with the following skills

Marketing & communication, a journalist that can harvest all the amazing stories from the community and translate this for externals. A community manager that has a passion for the politics of universities and that can make valuable partnerships with study associations and other communities. Lastly, someone with a passion for education and gamification.

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The challenge 

There exists a great gap between AI research and its skillful application to real world problems. A divide kept in place by a lack of AI engineers. At the same time, in the quest to solve the sustainable development goals of the United Nations - aid is decreasing. Where resources are scarce the optimizing, automating power of AI could have the biggest impact. But, AI is a tool for the rich.

The solution

With FruitPunch AI, we are raising a global community of AI engineers that apply AI for Good. Educating a generation, while solving the sustainable development goals. We use the power of collaboration to tackle problems like poaching in Africa and climate change! We’ve made challenge-based learning methods that we apply in AI for Good projects, using an online platform to unite a world-wide community of problem solvers. We also work together with investors to turn these into sustainable AI startups. Developing new ideas and talent in the process.


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