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Jelle Schuitemaker
Bart Bierling


We are looking for new team members with the following skills

- Medical Technology experts - P&R Communications - Software developers - Data scientists

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The challenge 

More than 2 million children under the age of 5 in low- and middle-income countries die of preventable infection diseases with treatments available. For many diseases, every hour delay in the diagnosis means a 10% increase in mortality. But the adequate diagnosing in time not possible due to shortage of staff and suitable patient monitoring systems, estimated is that there is a shortage of 6.1 million health workers in Africa by 2030. The World Health Organization states that 70% of medical equipment does not function in its context. Current medical technology is not built for the low resource settings in which it is applied, it is not fully understood and when it breaks, it cannot be repaired.

The solution

GOAL 3 is dedicated to developing a high-quality patient monitoring system that enables clinicians to get an early diagnosis for acute illnesses like sepsis in low resource settings (low and middle-income countries). Through a combination of durable and easy-to-use hardware, supportive software and smart algorithms we will create a system that automatically detects illnesses that are not detected now.



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