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I know my field

I know my field

Team info

Thomas Bressner


The challenge 

Working in the agriculture domain can bring a lot of joy seeing your plants grow. And to see them grow wireless sensor networks as part of Internet of Things (IoT) have already brought solutions to monitor your crops from home. But why for god sake all the work and effort if the crops get stolen shortly be before the harvest period? Stealing crops is not a trivial offense and causes great damage in the agriculture sector.

The solution

'I know my field' provides a full solution to monitor and analyze your field as well as to detect possible thieves. These low-cost devices are spread of the field equipped with various sensors, e.g., infrared sensors, G-force sensors, cameras, humidity sensors, UV-sensors, and temperature sensors. The main device collects the data of the low cost devices and transmits the data via mobile network directly to your home. This is how ‘I know my field’ makes sure that you always know about what is going on out there on your field.


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