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Team info

Laure van der Sanden
Benjamin Lehn
Hamshini Suresh


The challenge 

For a restaurant, the main value proposition is providing a superior experience to customers. This involves both ingredients that go into dishes, but also the concept and interior of a restaurant. The quality and uniqueness of that experience are therefore two of the most important factors determining the restaurant’s success. At the same time, living in an age of climate change, restaurants could make a real difference in the area of sustainability by using locally grown ingredients for their dishes.

The solution

Prea aims to empower people and organizations to grow their own fresh produce for a more transparent and sustainable food supply. We provide an eco-friendly, beautiful hydroponic indoor farming system for herbs. This system allows herbs to be grown locally, hence promoting sustainability. Prea shortcuts existing value chains and eliminates the effort associated with growing fresh herbs independently from wholesalers, while adding a significant differentiator to both the image and the atmosphere of restaurants. To cater to the hectic day-to-day business of cooks and managers, the service-based nature of Prea allows for minimal additional effort to achieve these goals.



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