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Yuliyan Georgiev


The challenge 

Humans by nature are prone to making mistakes. Miskates, however, can have disastrous consequences. According to W.H.O. approximately 1 350 000 people lose their lives annually in vehicle accidents. Some of the major causes for those accidents are distracted driving and human error. Drivers can easily get distracted and not notice a stop sign or a car approaching from the right on unregulated junctions. This rises the need for assisting device that can prevent accidents from happening by providing useful information to the driver about the law regulations in different scenarios.

The solution

Co-driver is an embedded device that is placed inside vehicles. It has a camera used for traffic monitoring, a display for showing data and a speaker for audio warnings and guidance. Co-driver can detect any road sign and notify the driver in case they have not seen in it. Additionally, the system provides in real time the order in which car must pass on unregulated junctions and warns the driver to slow down in situations in which an accident can occur like unexpected pedestrian crossing the road or car in front suddenly braking.


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