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Carbon Capture- Direct Air Capture

Carbon Capture- Direct Air Capture

Team info

Harsh Gupta
Francesco Sabatino


The challenge 

The problem of human-induced CO2 emissions and unnoticed dumping of chemicals in oceans have affected the role of oceans as natural CO2 sinks. Now, also with the release of CO2 from these sinks have increased exponentially CO2 in the atmosphere. There is a need to slow down climate change mitigation and restore the natural order. The present commercialized technologies are highly energy-intensive, therefore, not deployed largely due to economic constraints.

The solution

The proposed solution is to develop a technique to remove CO2 directly from the air. With this method, we can capture CO2 out of the atmosphere and pump clean air again. Along with sequestration, there are several methods to convert CO2 to fuel which can be further added onto DAC.


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