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Roel Koopman


We are looking for new team members with the following skills

Someone who is willing and able to invest a lot of his time in this project. Programming skills are certainly not a must.

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The challenge 

Imagine trying to find your friends at a large event with dense crowds. There are currently 2 options: you can look around or you can use a GPS based solution which are so inaccurate that you have to search anyway. With a GPS accuracy of 10 meters, you would have 785 people (2.5 people per m²) who could be your friends, and that even assumes the event is outside. But that is not the only problem, for example when and where exactly was that one thing you wanted to see?

The solution

We have developed a way to use Bluetooth to locate people in places with dense crowds and no GPS signal and we expect to reach an accuracy of less than a meter. Our solution crowdsources data about nearby Bluetooth devices which we use to calculate the position of each user.


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