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Ferret | Education Projects

Ferret | Education Projects

Team info

Dim Hoogeveen
Jonas Ricker
Alexandru Neculai
Aletta Tordai
Maartje Schermer


The challenge 

Teaching children in such a way that they are motivated and eager to learn always has been a tough challenge. Given the technological advances of our time, e-learning and digital material for classrooms could contribute to achieve this goal. However, the potential of these novel tools is hardly ever used to its full extent. Often, regular classes are transformed into self-study units, which has several drawbacks. It is mostly solitary, repetitive, and lacks an intrinsic motivation for learning.

The solution

We provide a platform where pupils can work collaboratively on a project they are interested in. Different settings and modes allow for a wide range of possible topics and age groups. By only providing an introduction and defining the desired final result, pupils are encouraged to work independently, collaborate and learn how to do their own research. They can resort to a variety of different (interactive) materials, such as "Simulated Reality" applications from our partner Dimenco. Support is given by different tools and, of course, the teacher, which is able to assist and guide in various ways.


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