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Energy Optimisation Recommendation System

Energy Optimisation Recommendation System

Team info

Teddy Kosciuszek
Niek Lotgerink


The challenge 

A lot of governments and leaders are moving to a cleaner way of producing and supplying their economies with energy. However, they often struggle to decide which type of clean energy is most suitable for them.

The solution

We would like to create an algorithm to find the best recommendations for improving energy sustainability and production for municipalities and co-operations. Weather and environmental factors would be measured in order to make a recommendation for which clean energy production is most suitable. Furthermore, a web crawler could be used to look for new innovations within the clean energy sector. This could also be added to the data base. Besides the type of green energy that should be used, recommendations on the specific product or supplier can also be made. All these recommendations can then be used by governments and leaders to make a decision for which type of production/supplier is most suitable.


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